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Time and Monetary Costs of Getting a Dog

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

There are many reasons for individuals and families to begin the persuit of obtaining a puppy. Whatever your circumstance, you may need someone small and furry to take care of, love and snuggle.

Of course, we’re thrilled to help you find the perfect puppy for you. The two of you can face the world together and enjoy many adventures.

Here are some things to consider before bringng your puppy home. Owning a dog means just that. Your cost starts when you purchase the puppy. Dogs come with both a monetary and time cost.

Let’s discuss the monetary cost first.

We start your puppy's vaccination series while they're in our homes. The first 6 months your puppy will need a subsequent 4 vet visits to complete the series and their first rabies shot. Your dog needs an annual checkup, just like you do. Your pet must also have their vaccinations current. Spaying/Neutering will need to be done the first year as well, the cost of this varies depending on where you choose to get that done.

Let's not forget that you will need need to feed your dog and that costs up to $50-$60 a month.

One of the biggest keys to your dog's wellbeing is finding a trusted Vet with fair rates. Often times over-sized Veterinary clinics with young doctors that run fullly staffed offices have an enourmous amount of overhead causing their rates to be higher than a well established, modest clinic. A more experienced Vet will likely have not only better rates, but also a deeper knowledge of potential ailments your dog may be facing leading to a quicker diagnosis and treatment plan. If you live in a large city it may be worth driving an hour or 2 to find one in the suburbs.

With dog ownership on the rise there are many pet insurance companies that have emerged. Just like your own personal health insurance it is a great idea to contact competitors to see what they offer and see if it's right for you.

Based on your level of experience owning a dog, training may be a financial consideration. There are many options if you need help fine-tuning your dog's behavior. Often times a puppy boot-camp, lasting around a week, is only a couple hundred dollars. Where sending a puppy to a boarding school can cost upwards of fifteen-hundred dollars.

When you go on vacation a pet boarding facility charges about $20-$30 a night.

Time consideration: The average Mini Goldendoodle life-expectancy is about 15 years.

Your dog needs exercise every day. This time together is a great opportunity to bond and to find a physical activity that you both enjoy. Some families love time at the beach with their dog. Other families have enjoyed running together. Our favorite activity is a game of fetch, keep away, and tug-of-war. Exercise time is important because it relays right into training time. A tired dog, is a good dog leaving them less likely to get into mischief from having pent-up energy. Daily exercise and training will be time well spent!

Dog ownership isn't just about the time or monetary expenses. Having a dog in your life has been proven to reduce stress. Owning a dog will enrich and give a deeper purpose to your world. The unconditional love of a dog is invaluable. 🐾

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