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Paul & Emily Copper Canyon-Doodles Goldendoodle Breeders
Cute Dogs


We are premier kennel-less kennel that produces exceptionally healthy,

happy, loved, and well-adjusted family doodles. We specialize in Red & Carmel Brown Mini F1 & F1B Mini & Micro Mini Goldendoodles 

We come from a pretty big family, and we are all doodle lovers! We have 25 dogs that are a part of our kennel, spread between 15 different affiliate families.  We do this so every dog gets the individual attention and love that they deserve. And so we know exactly the type of dog we are letting others adopt.


Goldendoodles and Labradoodles, often mistaken as Teddy Bears, mirror your mood and are extremely eager to please. Our puppies have been described as "extremely smart" and "so easy to train!”


Our wonderful doodles make the best family pets. Golden Retrievers are the #1 family dog. Labrador Retrievers are the 2nd.  We breed only the best of both, that come from champion bloodlines. The Poodle is the 3rd best family dog and 2nd smartest dog overall.  By breeding these dogs we are able ensure a non-shedding, smart, easy to train, loyal, family dog. All of the best traits of the top family dogs rolled into one! What more could you ask for?!


We look forward to talking to you and answering any questions you may have!


Our commitment is to provide a high-quality doodle kennel that produces exceptional, healthy, happy, loved, well-adjusted family doodles. Our purpose is to exceed your expectations by delivering a perfect family companion.

To accomplish this we will provide:

Healthy & Exceptional Bloodlines

We only breed the best

Warm Family Environment

From Day 1, your puppy is surrounded by love

Controlled Puppy Nursery

A safe, clean and supervised environment

Nutrients & Vitamins

Given to the mother throughout pregnancy & nursing

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We will exceed your expectation of what a breeder should be

You will enjoy a healthy, happy, non-shedding, well-adjusted doodle

You will be amazed at the trainability, loyalty and love of your puppy

You will feel comfortable in referring your friends and family to us for future companion doodles

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Submit Puppy Application

(Below) Check ANY and ALL that applies to your
puppy preferences 🐾

Puppy Color/s Preference:
(You can see more examples of our Mini and Micro Mini Goldendoodle's Sizes, Looks, and Temperaments on our Instagram page).
Puppy Size Preference:
Doodle's Coats Curl With Age. 

Straight Coat=Soft Loose Waves Full Grown, Looks More Shaggy
Wavy Coat=Curlier Waves Full Grown That Looks Thicker Poofy Coat 

The curlier the coat on a Doodle full grown the better and longer it will hold in the allergy causing dander out of the air, between baths. (Every 10-14 days).
Puppy Coat Type & Generation Preferences:
Puppy Gender Preference:
(Below) tell us a little bit about what you hope for in the temperament of your New GoldenDoodle Companion. For Example: High Energy-Running Partner, will be Hiking-Camping, in a Family with young children, Plans to have Your Mini Doodle Service/Therapy Dog Trained, Etc. 

Thank you! We’ll be in touch! 🐾

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