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Goldendoodle Dog Breeder


Meet the fathers to our little doods


Dodger boy is our AKC registered 15 pound, Red Moyen Poodle. He is the sweetest, most obedient dog! Such a sweetheart.

Our 3 kids and all of our extended family members love him and the puppies he throws SO MUCH! 


Walt is an AKC Red Toy Poodle that weighs in at a whopping 5 pounds. He’s a CUDDLER. While cuddling is his activity of choice, he loves a good game of tag and chase.  He’s very smart, well behaved, and gets along with every dog and human. 


Clifford is a fun loving, happy-go-lucky pup! His favorite thing is to play outside with our kids, he loves to find a vantage point and watch them play as well. He is 5 pounds, 5 years old and has kept his coat color very well!!


Huckles! Chuckles…Chuck, Huckleroni, our Huckleberry Friend. Hunkleberry is a purebred Moyen (medium) Dark Red Poodle. Weighing 7 pounds, he is 1 year old and is registered with the American Kennel Club. He has the cutest white patch on his chin. He is sharp as a tack, and smart as a whip. He knows all the tricks in the book and all the kids at the local elementary school adore him. 


Dwight is one handsome guy, his deep apricot coat has kept it’s color well and accents nicely with his white chest. He is very soft spoken for a poodle and rarely barks. He is a smarty pants and has a go with the flow attitude. Whatever you’re doing he is game. He loves affection and his favorite place it next to you on the couch. He does very well with kids and has been a great and obedient family pet!


Mick's personality is a steady… happy go lucky. He loves attention and in return gives affection. Though he believes he is a big guy his frame does not match the sentiment. At 5 lbs his personality more than makes up for what he lacks in stature. He is cuddly but not overbearing, energetic but not to a fault, great with kids and fun to have as part of the family. He is a 5 pound Purebred AKC Toy Poodle and has a beautiful apricot and cream colored coat.


Fynn who is our 2 year old AKC Poodle, is our kid's best little buddy! He loves all the snuggles and human interaction. He is also the neighborhood's mascot because of how friendly he is. All the kids love him and he loves all the pets and snuggles he gets.


Purebred Parti-Poodle, Zeus!


This handsome guy is our sweet Denim, he is the younger half-brother of the ever famous Dodger boy! He has a go with the flow attitude and only barks if he feels something is out of the ordinary. Most of the time he has a calm demeanor and is so happy-go-lucky. He is an AKC toy poodle weighing in at 8 lbs. When fetch is off the table, the next best thing is cuddling and getting a scratch behind his ears. He is always up for a walk and almost gets too much attention when we go because he is so cute! 


Maverick is our happy, lovable Black and White Parti Poodle. He is AKC registered and has an impressive pedigree of good and health and smarts! He’s a cuddle bug and very intelligent. His hair is so soft and fluffy everyone loves snuggling and petting him. 

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