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current litters

Take a peek at our upcoming litters! For photos and information on our available litters, check out our Facebook page. Each litter has their own Facebook Photo Album for our choosing process.

🐾 Current Litters 🐾

We work off of a reservation list with families who have been waiting many months for their Copper Canyon-Doodles to be born! 


We specialize in breeding F1 and F1B Red Mini Goldendoodles and Red F1B Micro Mini Goldendoodles and we offer a 

3-Year Health Guarantee!

Our current wait time is between 1-6 months depending on your puppy gender, size, and color preferences. Bringing puppies into this world responsibly can take time especially with a waiting list.


If you would like more information and an application, please send us an email at

Copper Canyon-Doodles
Red Mini Goldendoodle
Submit Puppy Application

(Below) Check ANY and ALL that applies to your
puppy preferences 🐾

Puppy Color/s Preference:
(You can see more examples of our Mini and Micro Mini Goldendoodle's Sizes, Looks, and Temperaments on our Instagram page).
Puppy Size Preference:
Doodle's Coats Curl With Age. 

Straight Coat=Soft Loose Waves Full Grown, Looks More Shaggy
Wavy Coat=Curlier Waves Full Grown That Looks Thicker Poofy Coat 

The curlier the coat on a Doodle full grown the better and longer it will hold in the allergy causing dander out of the air, between baths. (Every 10-14 days).
Puppy Coat Type & Generation Preferences:
Puppy Gender Preference:
(Below) tell us a little bit about what you hope for in the temperament of your New GoldenDoodle Companion. For Example: High Energy-Running Partner, will be Hiking-Camping, in a Family with young children, Plans to have Your Mini Doodle Service/Therapy Dog Trained, Etc. 

Thank you! We’ll be in touch! 🐾

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