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Meet the lovely mothers of our current Goldendoodle puppies

Copper names indicate purebred retrievers that will have F1 puppies

Blue names indicate F1 moms that will have F1B puppies


Bella is nothing but love!  Her only concern in life is spending more time with us.  She is smart, energetic, soft, sweet, fiercely loyal, and loves cuddles!  As a puppy she surprised us by not needing ANY training going for walks.  She has been the perfect companion to our kids as well, always making sure they’re safe and happy.


Bailey is happy-go-lucky retriever! She is a gorgeous Golden-Blonde American Retriever. She is a wonderful running partner. Bailey has been trained to not need a leash, she is so loyal and obedient. She is very loving and affectionate. Everyone in the room needs to be loved on before she can lay down. 


Reba will do just about anything for your love and affection. She’s very sweet and loves to be glued to your hip. When you’re talking to her she looks in your eyes as if she knows exactly what you are saying! She is not a barker and is very mild tempered. Reba’s favorite game is fetch and loves to bring you her ball. She is 24 pounds and has Apricot Straight-Wavy Hair.


Meechee is a sweet loving girl!!! She loves to go for runs with me, be outside with our kids and play fetch but also while playing fetch likes to play keep away. :) She loves to snuggle and get love from anyone she meets.  She is also an amazing momma ❤ 

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