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Red Mini Goldendoodles

Will Red Goldendoodle Puppies Coats Change?

First off, there is nothing wrong with wanting a very specific color in your future canine companion, such as with red Goldendoodle puppies. So don't hesitate to ask if you are interested in specific red, or copper brown, Mini Goldendoodles, if their coat changes. People have, after all, been breeding dogs into their specific breeds for centuries in large part because they wanted a very specific look.

Now, that said, just because you choose the deepest darkest red of our red Goldendoodle puppies doesn't necessarily mean that coat will stay the same throughout the course of the puppy's life. While we do try to breed for uniformity among our puppies, genes are a funny thing and you can't always know exactly how a puppy will turn out once they reach full adulthood. This means that red Mini Goldendoodles may experience a changing color of their coat, either becoming darker or lighter as they age. This change of coat color will be gradual, so much so that you may find yourself not realizing the difference until many years down the line!

For more information about coat colors and variations, give our team at Copper Canyon Doodles a call!

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