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Goldendoodle Dog Breeder

What are Mini Goldendoodles?

Our family at Copper Canyon-Doodles are proud to be a Goldendoodle dog breeder because of how in love we are with the types of dog personalities that result from combining golden retrievers and poodles. Golden retrievers and poodles each separately are rated among the top three most family-friendly and smartest dog breeds around. Combine these two breeds as a Goldendoodle dog breeder and the result is an amazing family dog that is easy to train and likely to be hypoallergenic.

However, while our family operated successfully as a premier Goldendoodle dog breeder for several years, providing hundreds of families with wonderful pets, we realized that as great as our dogs were, we were missing a segment. We were missing a size. Standard poodles and golden retrievers are both fantastic animals, but they are big dogs. Too big for many people and families. The solution was already out there but not quite as popular as it has become in recent years: Mini Goldendoodles.

Mini Goldendoodles are, as they sound, very small versions of the Goldendoodle, normally weighing between 20-35 pounds! Here, instead of using standard poodles as a partner to the golden retriever, creating this breed began with a golden retriever and a toy poodle and new variations of this combination were made and mixed with each other until the point where a very regular, healthy Mini Goldendoodle litters were born. Mini Goldendoodles have all the fantastic temperament and personality qualities of the larger Goldendoodle breeds, but with the big advantage of being smaller and thus more suited to a larger array of lifestyles.

We also breed Micro Mini Goldendoodles weighing between 10 and 20 pounds once they are fully grown. This smaller stature makes them an ideal choice for families who live in apartments or who otherwise do not want the lifestyle required of big dog ownership. Contact our team at Copper Canyon Doodles to learn more.

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