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Wondering what all the hype is about? Why our doodles are so popular? Read about some of our most well-known pups from the pawrents themselves. (Click the dots at the bottom to view more)!



I know you think every dog is special, but Edith IS THE BEST. She is the best animal that has ever existed. I could cry I love her so much! She sleeps through the night, is doing amazingly well in her crate (NEVER had an accident), is killing it with potty training and is doing excellent with commands. We’re working on stay and we don’t even have to block off the room we don’t want her in. She is content to entertain herself, and is really knocking it out of the park with chewing on her chew sticks and not fingers. 😭


I’m probably just going to need to give you occasional updates because seriously, you guys are the real deal. There is a REASON people pay the big bucks, because you aren’t messing around with the quality of these animals! 


The vet was SO SHOCKED when we told him HOW GOOD she is! I’ve got to tell you- the whole concept of separating the pups from their litter mates to sleep 2 weeks prior to them leaving IS GENIUS. Instead of coming home being this horribly traumatic experience she’s happy and confident. The vet said “usually for their first 2-3 set of shots owners are pretty frustrated and miserable, its nice to see you guys truly loving your puppy!"


She is the highlight of all of our lives. It is seriously astounding how much we love her! 


She’s the most perfect dog that ever existed!!! 

"She is the
Highlight of All OUR Lives"
Cute Dog


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